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  • Tennis Professional, Emmett Ward (E4)
  • Hair Stylist, Larry Monroe
  • Music Artist, Sa’Miya
  • Real Estate Company,  Kay and E Properties Inc.
  • Entertainment, IAmWe Dance Company
  • Entertainment, U4ria Dance Company
  • Actress, Kayla Monique
  • Journalist/Personality, Milan Zoe
  • Actor/Stunt Man, Troy Faruk
  • Photographer, A.M. Visualz
  • Visual Artist, Anne Elizabeth
  • Disk Jockey, DJ Boooda
  • Disk Jockey, Jae Murphy 
  • Mister Trombone, Musician 
  • Event Center, Little Haiti Cultural Complex
  • Vocalist, Melody Green
  • Vocalist, Sh’Kia 
  • Hip-hop Artist, Kendall Taylor
  • Joshua Polk, Visual Artist 
  • Comedian, Clint Cooley 
  • Car Services, Kenny Mobile Mechanix 
  • Photographer, Andrew Thomas Clifton


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